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Restoring America's Moral Reputation in Our World

Sept 2007

with Xolela Mangcu, Callie Crosseley, Peter Galbraith & Samantha Power

Bring the Children Home: The Will to End Homelessness

Jan 2004

with Marian Wright Edelman & Felix Torres

Marian Wright Edelman is a pre-eminent authority on children's issues and has been an advocate for disadvantaged Americans for her entire professional career.READ MORE...

Celebrating and Renewing Civil Discourse: 30th Anniversary

with Andrew Young, Aqeela Sherrills, Kate Roberts, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Callie Crossley, Mark Russell, & Special Guest

Afghanistan: A Delicate Balance

Nov 2003

with Sima Wali & Liz Walker

Sima Wali,is an Afghan activist living in exile in the United States, and has worked for over 20 years to empower uprooted women to assert their huan rights and to participate in economic and social development. READ MORE...

Transforming the Process: Women at the Peace Table

Oct 2003

with Steve Curwood, Swanee Hunt & Luz Méndez

Women Waging Peace brings together women from diverse areas of conflict around the world to share peace-building strategies, sharpen skills, and shape public policy. READ MORE...

Romanticizing Violence and Conflict

June 2003

with Karen Brown, Aqeela Sherrills, Peter Stringham, MD & Karen Brown

When, if ever, do cultures romanticize peace through public art, and why is this process seemingly more unusual? READ MORE...

We are happy to announce the creation of a new website coming soon and reflecting the Global Citizens Circle's renewed mission to facilitate diverse intergenerational dialogue leading to constructive change in the world.
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